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Worrying about the people,Hope of the people's hope。The "two halls and one house" of Holxinhe Coal Industry has always affected the company's leadership,Especially the quality and environmental sanitation of the food hall of employees have always been the focus of the attention of employees。To promote the theme education deeply,Reflection of practical results in doing good lives,Holxine Coal Industry Forever Field,Strengthen supervision、Regulatory questions and answers,Special supervision and inspection of catering service,Fully guarantee Recommended European Cup match betting sitesthe company's livelihood and well -being,Efforts to improve employee satisfaction。

Problems such as reporting the quality of the canteen's meals and poor environmental hygiene,Holxinhe Coal Industry has undergone in -depth investigation and research,Posted the "Rectification and Rectification of Questions",Urges the relevant responsible departments to formulate the issue of the establishment of the "New Coking Coal Supervision System" issue,Refined rectification measures,and continuously carry out embedded tracking supervision in combination with the rectification situation。Promoting the formulation and improvement of the "Liability System for Catering Supervisor's Job"Free Bet on Euro 2024, "Regulations on the Collection of Catering Service Opinions of Employees", "Regulations on the Employment Rules of Employees",Continuous upgrade service concept,Improve supporting facilities,Strengthen management supervision,Improve service quality,Reacked the entire chapter system、Clarify the division of responsibilities、Improve work style、Improve service level、Strengthen the evaluation and efficiency of organic unified supervision efficiency,Ensure that employees are satisfied,Eat comfortable,Enhance "tongue tip" satisfaction。

Holxinhe Coal Industry said,will continue to serve in supervision、Guarantee in supervision,Give full play to the "New Coking Coal Supervision System" advantage,Focus on people's supervision,Deeper with deeper、More real、More detailed supervision measures Recommended European Cup match betting sitesto enhance the satisfaction of the masses,"Folk Voice" into "people's livelihood",Make the truth better and faster to see the effectiveness。