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To further Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitepromote the construction of the "New Coking Coal Supervision System",August 3,Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International Xinyuan Company、Executive Director Gao Xufeng conducted research and guidance for the construction of Xinyuan Company's "New Coking Coal Supervision System" studio,Deputy Manager in charge、Related person in charge participated。

Xinyuan Company's Party Committee fully implemented "Point Blossom、Online to become potential、Comprehensive coverage "12 -character work requirements are starting points,Learn through communication with other units,Combined Safe and reliable European Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesCup betting websitewith the company's actual,Pay close attention to key areas、Create supervision characteristics,Continuously optimized the construction plan for half a year,Basic Supervision Studio Basic。

Gao Xufeng listened to the relevant work leaders to report on the construction of the Great Supervision Studio,Learning angle of "supervision system、Ten Supervision Field Show Bar、Supervision results announcement bar、Supervision Star Show Bar、Supervision rights and responsibility publicity bar、Supervision Experience Exchange Bar "put forward specific work requirements。

Gao Xufeng emphasized,The construction project of the Great Supervision Studio is significant,Be sure to further refine and improve,High standard、Strict requirements to create a pilot。First, to improve political standing,Recommended 2024 European Free Bet on Euro 2024Cup Betting SitesStanding at a global perspective, look at this work,A pragmatic style,Make sure the studio improves as soon as possible。The second is to play the role of the fortress,This position of the Overseas Supervision Studio,Realize "Efficiency of Supervision、Must be honest to supervise、Services for supervision、It is safe to supervise、To be guaranteed to supervise ",Integrate supervision work into the full process of corporate governance。Third, to highlight the role of "special supervisor",Both the division of labor is clear、Division of each Division,Do a good job of cross -department、Cross -domain、Collaborative cooperation between professional and professional,Determined functions、Working pattern for coordinated promotion。Fourth, we must continue Free Bet on Euro 2024to Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitepromote the construction of the "New Coking Coal Supervision System",Further implementation of various supervision methods and measures,Help Xinyuan Company High -quality Development。