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August 2,Lingfen Company's Party Branch held a special meeting,Learn to implement Shanxi coking coal in the second half of 2023,Analysis and judgment of the current situation,Arrange the deployment of the key work of the company。Members of Linfen Company Team、The heads of the departments and key positions attended the meeting。The meeting was secretary of the party branch of Linfen Company、Manager Chen Tie hosted。

Meeting requirements,First, implement it carefully,Safe and reliable European Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteCup betting websiteStrengthen learning publicity。It is necessary to learn and implement the spirit of the work of the work meeting in the second half of 2023 as an important task of the current and future period of the work of Shanxi,Use electronic screen、Show Board、WeChat groups and other carriers,A combination of "online+offline" quickly set off a learning boom,Let the spirit of the meeting take root at Linfen Company。The second is anchoring task target,Pay close attention to work implementation。Take theme education as an opportunity,Focus on the leader of the party building、Safety production、Center work, etc.,Careful planning progress,Refined work measures,Grasp the task implementation,Cracking Linfen's development bottleneck。Recommended European Cup match betting sitesRecommended European Cup match betting sitesThird is to actively act as,Strengthening style construction。To focus on key work,Strengthening responsibility,Tighten the liability chain,Formation of leaders values,Leadership in charge,Liech up and down、A good atmosphere of the common tube,Pick the burden of work style with dare to create and create、Carrying responsibility。Fourth is serving employees and masses,Condensing forgiving forces。Focus on the question that the employees are most concerned about,Delivery among the employees and the masses,Sincerely listen to employees' voices,Do a good job of policy interpretation and education guidance,Efforts to resolve the hidden risk in the bud,Continuously enhance the Recommended European Cup match betting sitesstaff and the masses to Recommended European Cup match betting sitesget the sense、Happiness sensation、Safety feeling。