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August 1,Hall Xinhe Coal Industry held a study and implementation of Shanxi Coking Coal in the second half of 2023.,Company Manager Yang Yong and other members of the leaders、Division、The person in charge of the team participated in the meeting。

Will on the way,Yang Yong conveyed and interpreted the spirit of the work conference in the second half of 2023 in the second half of 2023,and make specific arrangements for the work of the Holxine Coal Industry in the second half of the year。

Meeting to point out,All cadres and employees should carefully study and understand the spirit of the work meeting of Shanxi coking coal in the second half of 2023,Combined with various European Cup betting website with the highest oddsdepartments、Free Bet on Euro 2024Team work actual,Refined target task decomposition,Formulate implementation measures,Comprehensively create a good atmosphere of learning and implementing the spirit of the meeting。

Conference emphasized,First, to improve political standing,Unified thoughts,Develop a learning plan,Use learning meeting、Pre -class and other forms,Quickly organize and implement the spirit of the meeting。Second is to quote DuPont safety management system,Eliminate hidden dangers of production safety,Implementation of safety production responsibility system,Comprehensively improve the company's safety management level。Third is to continue to promote the improvement of 6S management and visual management,Strengthen cost control,Do a good job of lean on -site management,Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesPromoting European Cup betting website with the highest oddsthe company's salary reduction reduction、Increased quality and efficiency。Fourth, to accelerate the construction of intelligent working surfaces under the well,Accelerate the intelligent operation of the subtraction of the underground work surface,Promote the pace of digital construction under the well,Empowerment company high -quality development。Five is to implement the "fine coal win" strategy,Exploring the application of coal gangue charging technology,Improve corporate economic and environmental benefits。Five is to adhere to the party building leader,In -depth integration of strengthening party building and safety production,Continue to do a good job of "I do practical things for the masses",Fully build the "New Coking Coal Supervision System",Strengthen cadre European Cup betting website with the highest oddscapabilities Free Bet on Euro 2024and work style construction,Create a good atmosphere of the company's clear air,Contributing to the power of Holxin Hexin Coal Industry for accelerating the world -class coking coking coal company。