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Jingfang ore is a standardized level high、The cost advantage is obvious、Mine in the city with a long history of production,This also determines that the development path of the enterprise must be different from other coal companies,cannot be compared with scale、Fighting speed,and the level of management,Compared with deep cultivation。Grabbing Get Lean Management is a grasp of the company's own advantages、Promoting and amplify,Walking with lean management to promote enterprises to do excellence and strengthen the road is imperative。Jingfang Recommended European Cup match betting sitescoal industry penetrating lean management team insists on self -change、Different transformation and high -quality development,All -in -one、Full process、Full mobilization、Practicing the work of lean management and management changes。

From top to bottom  All members participate

The first thing the lean management team does is to define lean management as a hand -made project,One comprehensive self -revolution。They know only from top to bottom、All members participate,can really achieve penetration and promote lean management。Established a party committee secretary、Chairman as the team leader、The manager is the executive deputy team leader,Members of other teams are deputy team leaders,Leading Management Leadership Group of the company's official position。and set up lean management liaison officers in each unit,Forms a lean management organization system with up and down linkage,Play the foundation for all members to participate in lean management。Actively carry out activities such as "Lean Knowledge Competition" and "Selection of Lean Master",Promote the communication of excellent results in a novel way,Create positive upward、Continuous improvement、A good cultural atmosphere of excellence。Encourage employees to actively participate in lean innovation projects and lean improvement proposals,Participate in lean management special meetings or special activities,Enhance the participation rate of lean management。

Management empowerment  System traction

After establishing a good lean improvement atmosphere,The change Recommended European Cup match betting sitesfaced by the lean management team is really coming。They first transformed the focus of work from accounting to management accounting,Using target cost method for overall plan、Analysis of the interest rate、Multi -dimensional profit analysis、Internal transfer pricing and other methods to carry out work,Summary after changing the matter is before the management,Improve management efficiency。At the same time,Comprehensive use of "Smart" and "Seven Analysis Methods" management mode,Reinforcement assessment follow -up,Launch the key task "one thing and one account",Track supervision according to the time node,and use the completion as the basis for the second distribution,Really achieved the strugglers,Tilled to the struggler。Sort carefully、Scientific demonstration of existing institutional processes,Destiny key point、Key control,Try to shorten the process、Simplified program、Improve efficiency as the purpose,A fruitful exploration,In the end, there will be 37 departments 6 most、12 articles、1041 system,Optimized streamlined to 17 parts 5 most、12 articles、230 system,Not only improves work efficiency,Consistent management foundation。

Power out a hole  Project creation effect

Lean Management Team firmly grasped the starting point of lean innovation project,Adhere to the project as king,Through "find a question、Finding method、Find Innovation、Find mode、Finding results "ideas and" rigidity first、Optimize、Creation method of CITS ",Lead the entire mining employee,Deep excavation European Cup betting website with the highest oddspotential,Summary of lean results 612 items,Create an objective economic value through the reduction of consumption of savings,Increase the reserves of 12 million tons。Create a lean management center at the same time,Demonstrate all lean results,For all mine employees to visit and study,Continuous expansion of employee thinking,Output lean results。Especially in terms of resource mining,The Ministry of Production and Technology Reinterprets Evaluation of Mine Resources、Geological environment and objective peripheral impact,Go to advanced unit、Mainstream colleges and relevant experts conduct discussions and research。Repeat model demonstrations、On -site inspection,Formed "Comprehensive Management System for Endie Residual Resources Recycling", "Lean Design Concepts of Mine Traction Design and Connection Plan", "Research on the Research on the Design and Stability Control Technology Research of Comprehensive Working Noodles and Stability Control Technology" Mining process,Sort out the continuous development of the coal industry of Jingfang、Action program for release resources。Planning 13 corner work surfaces,A total of 7.7405 million tons of coal resources can be recycled,Can extend the time of mine service 3.2 years。Explore the "inverted 7 -headed multi -header" mining mode,Reasonable adjustment of mining sequence,Promoting one lane more、Two less than one more,5 working surfaces are reduced to 3,Shao Capton Lane 1576 meters,Multiple recovery of 275,000 tons of coal resources。

Heart employee  Love warm first

Lean Management Team Free Bet on Euro 2024diffusion thinking,Take the employee hospital as the carrier,Promote the "Family Doctor" project,According to the operation environment of the underground and the needs of grassroots employees,Purchase rheumatism、Drugs such as respiratory tract infection,Regularly carry out "healthy delivery"、Annual Occupational Disease Examination and other activities。At the same time,The arrangement of the logistics life area is to meet the conditions of the board and lodging to comfort、Taste extension: On the one hand, upgrading the restaurant,Add vegetable variety,Improve the dining environment,The dishes are the same as the old three,Ten dozens of meals today。and launch a small dish、Pack dishes,Effectively reduced the phenomenon of waste of meals。On the other hand, promote the implementation of the "Warm Apartment" project,Standardized and transforming the room,Effectively improves the employee accommodation environment,reduced the expenditure of "three public" funds。

Standard creation  Dynamic standard

2023,The coal industry of Jingfang is centered on the operation site,Focusing on people's behavior control,Taking process as a means,Through strengthening on -site management and control,Effectively promote the refinement of safety management、Accuracy of job operation、Boutique of engineering quality、Refined requirements of standardization construction,Place the focus point on the scene,The focus is to improve understanding、Jianzhang Formation、source governance、Four aspects Free Bet on Euro 2024of on -site management,Do the "8S" management,Introduction to TPM management mode,Make sure that lean safety and lean environmental protection realize normal management、Dynamic standard,Promote security、Environmental Protection Standardization Works to the step,Upper level。

From ideological unity to system construction,From project management to live management,From culture to independent improvement,From the leader to the whole staff to participate,Jingfang Coal Industry has really completed the self -revolution,The "penetrating" lean management system of the Jingfang coal industry。

Xiongguan Man Dao is like iron,and now walk from scratch。Jingfang Coal will be under the strong leadership of coking coal in Shanxi,Insert the wings of the change,Dream of Gathering Fei Fei,Only compete for day and night,Not upset Shaohua,Law of "Step Stone",Affairs of "Grab the Iron",Comprehensively constructing "quality lifting、Increased efficiency、Ji Zhi、Consumption reduction "is the lean management system for the goal,Continue to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise,For the second "three -step" strategy of the new coking coal, the strategic landing root、Flower Result contribution strength。