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Wang Xiong: Male,38 years old。Participate in work in December 2009,In October 2015, he served as a team leader in the comprehensive excavation of Leopard Gougou Coal Industry。Wang Xiong is in work and life,Always require yourself,Love Gang dedication,Working work,With a hint of meticulous、I am right and not afraid of suffering,Personality that is not afraid of losing,He promotes the "personalized" team construction mode in the team management,Move your mind in innovation management、Find a way、Solve the problem,Intelligent comprehensive excavation working surface construction initial showing results,Realized the team's annual safety without accident,Names such as "Advanced Workers" and "Model of Labor" many times,The Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesfirst Safe and reliable European Cup betting website"three -year -old and three -step" second merit of the new coking coal was named by the group company。

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The construction of the team is the most basic safety management of the team,It is an important manifestation of strong and weak quality of employees,Hold the team to build this "cow nose",You can better use the creativity and vitality of employees,to stimulate everyone’s struggle and hard work,Constantly improving cohesion、Creative and centripetal force。

Wang Xiong seized the young employees of the team,Advantages of energy,Breaking the rigid management mode,According to the actual situation of the three teams in safe production,Named as the "Nuggets" team、"Effect" team and "Warrior" team,Establish a competitive mechanism for "struggling to win",Effectively stimulate the vitality and vitality of the team,Improve the skills of employees in the team; encourage each team to make suggestions in the weak links of each team in the management of safety risk management,Reinforcement business shortcomings,Standardized operating standards; invite technical can explain professional knowledge、Work precautions and operation points,Long -term complement; actively promote the "five clear work methods",is: Clarify the amount of production tasks、Clarify the safety coefficient、Clear work standards、Clarify the person in charge of safety、Clarify the time limit for rectification of the problem,Ensure that the personnel of the personnel to the environment、Requires the number of numbers,Operating in accordance with regulations; do a good job before the class and be unreasonable to enter the well for investigation,Strictly implement the on -site handover system,Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesOrganize security confirmation Free Bet on Euro 2024before construction,Resolutely be unsafe and not produced; continuously strengthen employees' standardization consciousness,Standard post,Dry Standards,Do standards,Make sure the on -site system is implemented at the standard、Hidden dangers reached standard、The equipment is intact、Operating behavior meets the standard、Engineering quality is up to standard; strictly implement the safety responsibility of members of the team,Through on -site safety confrontation meeting、Job description、Finger oral work method, etc.,Make each employee's safety environment、Working link、Job Standard、Safety essentials have taken the palm,Application free,For the company's security development、Innovation development、High -quality development makes due contributions。

Intelligent construction results

At the end of 2021,Leopard Gully Coal Industry Established the intelligent mine construction plan and visual goal from 2021 to 2025,Intelligent comprehensive excavation working surface construction is the first time。After receiving the "mobilization order" from the company's leadership,Wang Xiong, who is the leader of a team, deeply feels important to responsibility、Glory of Mission,He immediately hangs "combat map",Anchor target,Reasonable organization of labor production、Strict regular circulation operation。

Difficulties to overcome the geological structure of comprehensive excavations,He and workers are the same as above,Directors on the spot、Supervision,Fight on the front line of working surface,Strict supervision of the operation of each process,Requires any assignments to strictly perform regulations and measures,Complete the construction task of 10121 Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitetransportation slide in April 2022,It Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Siteshas the condition of installing intelligent equipment。In order to achieve the intelligentization of the comprehensive excavation reconstruction and upgrade as soon as possible,Wang Xiong acts with examples,Leading the technical backbone into the well in the well、Jingxiang Transport、Equipment installation、Debug running in various tasks。Facing new equipment、New technologies and new problems encountered frequently,​​Wang Xiong is not discouraged to compromise,He continues to increase training intensity,Use the time to wait for the time before and after the class,​​Invite manufacturers technicians as the team leader、Comprehensive excavation driver、Technical backbone personnel "eat partial rice",Explain the equipment principle of the set control system、Frequently Asked Questions,Make employees proficient in the principle of intelligent electromechanical equipment、Operation and failure method; strict handover inspection acceptance system,For the situation of not implementing standardized management,The deputy captain of the class to implement the acceptance system,Public announced in the performance assessment column on the day; establish a charter -to -human system,Selecting technical backbone as a charter person,Increase the daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment,Make sure the efficient operation of the equipment。With the joint efforts of the staff and manufacturers of the entire team,The successful transformation of the EBZ200A cantilever comprehensive excavator in three months was successfully transformed into an intelligent comprehensive excavator that can realize Recommended European Cup match betting sitesthe remote control and remote Recommended European Cup match betting sitescontrol of the control room。

Current,Intelligent comprehensive excavation working surface construction initial results,Regular homework is from the original positive、Deputy 2 excavators drivers are reduced to one driver control,Realized remote unmanned cutting,greatly improved the safety coefficient of the working surface,Provided guarantee for the safety operation of the operator。

Innovative work upper step

"Encountered difficult things,Can't retract,Be sure to move your brain、Find a way、Solve the problem "。This is a sentence that Wang Xiong often said in work and life,He did this too。

The number of support materials required for comprehensive excavation work surfaces is more,So,The code of supporting materials such as anchor rods is the blocking of the horizontal obstruction before the standardization management of the field,I often encounter materials nowhere to place,or the standard low standard,Affects the overall image of live civilization production。Wang Xiong will make your brains and find a way,The shape characteristics of the shape and structure of the anchor pole repeatedly in his mind,The shape of the "Pagoda" can just meet the material code,So I hand -painted a sketch,The master who handed it over to the machine repair workshop,Soon,40*40mm square steel welding "pagoda" anchor placing platform is born and emerged。Live on the underground work face,Place the anchor rod layer by layer,And can superimposed the material rack according to the actual amount,Easy to place it,both beautiful and practical,The standardization level of the working surface is "up to grade" at once。

The working surface of the excavation is the one -headed roadway,One side is a belt transporter,European Cup betting website with the highest oddsPedestrians Free Bet on Euro 2024on the side,To ensure the safety of the personnel when the person passes through the belt,You must add pedestrians to bridge above the belt machine according to the needs of the work,Fixed welding on both sides of the bridge to facilitate the iron ladder of the people,So,When the rally wheel transportation material passes,Driver is driving cautiously,Occasionally "wipe edge",Affects transportation efficiency and safety。Wang Xiong records this "problem" in his heart,He runs to the machine repair workshop,Discuss with the masters,Can you design a ladder that can pull back and forth and fold。The masters accepted his thoughts,After repeated research pondering,So,A new type of drawer -type lifting pedestrian crossing the bridge and "came out": set U -shaped grooves under the bridge platform,Two bearing in the front end of the ladder inserts into the U -shaped slot,Pedestrians need to cross the belt,Just hold the end of the ladder,Pull out a ladder like a drawer,After using it,Then push the ladder to the U -shaped slot,Easy to use pedestrians,It is convenient for the safe traffic of rubber wheels。This innovation has been recognized by the leadership of Shanmei International,And promoted and used in the brothers mine。

This is Wang Xiong,In your own post,Strictly require yourself,Careful performance of job responsibilities,During the production process, he uses full enthusiasm,True style,I devoted my entire efforts and sweat for safety production and management,Won the unanimous praise of cadres and employees。