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Liu Haihua: Male,Han nationality,Born in September 1976,Since participating in work in 2001,No matter spring, summer, autumn and winter,His attitude with dedication,Seeking truth and pragmatic、Diligence and Forge Age、The work style of dedication,Gone -rooted production front line,Won the unanimous praise of the Jingfang coal industry,In the company's Recommended European Cup match betting sitesComprehensive excavation team, he served as a supporter、blasting worker、Repair Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteworker、Comprehensive excavation driver、Team Leader,Once won the "Advanced Safety Production" Personal in 2010、2011 coal industry branch technical competition professional comprehensive excavator driver second place and many other honorary titles,2023 by the group company as the first "three -year three -step" first -level merit。

In the face of results,Liu Haihua is not arrogant and irritable,As always, do your job as always。He loves mine,Love your career,His career is like his family,is the most important part of his life,Create high -quality project highlight project、Leaning is his pursuit of career。His full work enthusiasm,Rigid work style,Realize the life value and pursuit of a coal mine worker。

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Coal mine work bitter,The excavation of the coal mine is even more bitter,And Liu Haihua has been in the first line of the excavation team for more than 20 years。The seemingly dry on the coal mine is "rough live",But actually must be serious、meticulous、There is technology。Liu Haihua was a supporter when he first joined the job,Working surface often blast out operations,Midway for forming differences,He just find an experienced old master to ask for consultation,Use rest time to find information to buy reference books to actively learn blasting related knowledge,After passing the professional and technical examination,,Obtaining a blasting operating qualification certificate。The lane lanes Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitethat have been involved in the blasting are well Free Bet on Euro 2024formed,Workers have saved a lot of time when supporting operations。3-8021 Slip-sway when it is excavated to 630m,Work surface Harbers reveal the full section of vermiculite,Difficulties on the site、Workers' labor intensity is high,Belt and supporting equipment often fails,This brings great difficulty to the excavation work。His knowledge about the maintenance of equipment maintenance of repair workers,and explain the structure of the equipment to the entire class、Working principles and maintenance methods,Solving the equipment failure in the bud state,Eliminates the delay in production due to equipment damage。Later,Liu Haihua was transferred to the maintenance class,As a monitoring squad leader。Long -term theoretical and practical accumulation,Let him have the performance of the machinery and equipment of the excavation work face、Parameters have a detailed understanding,Become a professional essence、Technology high、Excellent repair squad leader with strong ability。

Fine management, strictly grasp quality

At work,Liu Haihua always has high requirements on the quality of the project,Especially the requirements for special operators are very strict。Before going to work every day,He always arrives at the work surface to learn about the work site,Every day after get off work, he always leaves the work surface,Engineering Free Bet on Euro 2024quality of working surface、The angle of each anchor (Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitecable)、Exposed length、Networking quality、The pre -tightening force and the civilization production rectification work of the two lanes will check it in detail,The next day will make a review,Review and punishment clear。When digging into the southern wing corner transportation lane,Due to the influence of geological structure,Working surface Full Facial Facial Stone、Midway for forming differences、Broken on the top plate、Digging difficulty increases。He is actively contacting the team,Increase the number of anchor cables around the top board according to the construction plan,The driver of the Recommended European Cup match betting sitesComprehensive excavation machine is cutting coal every time,He is guiding the machine next to him。With many years of live experience,He guides the driver of the comprehensive excavation machine to "pick the top" and "cut the bottom",Make sure that the lane roads are well formed。

On -site control, quality improvement and efficiency

Liu Haihua carefully organized production,Strictly control at the scene,Strictly required supporting workers to work in accordance with the construction design and operating procedures,At the same time, "cost reduction and efficiency",Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the project,Save supporting materials as much as possible。He often said to the worker: "Do you need to move more brain tendon,Must find a way how to do your European Cup betting website with the highest oddsown work "。When organizing Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesproduction at the scene,Liu Haihua asks to use two rigs when playing artillery,Divided by two groups at the same time,Save half of the time for the consumption of artillery eye,and the number of cannons is more,After blasting, the lane lane is well formed,Large vermiculite,Avoid large pieces of vermiculite stagnation affecting the operation of Recommended European Cup match betting sitesComprehensive excavations,Improved work efficiency。Under his drive,Engineering quality of his team、Standardized work、Work efficiency has improved significantly,The completion of safety production tasks is among the best among the teams of the team。

Public forgotten, willing to dedicate

For more than 20 years of cold and summer exchanges,Years of Spring and Autumn,Liu Haihua takes the dedication and responsibility at work,On the road to life that realizes self -worth,Write a different style of a miner with a hard work。He has never shaken the belief of dedication to the coal cause,Never affecting work due to headache and brain fever,Put your heart in work。When the production plan is tension,Working overnight、Black and white upside down becomes a normal meal。Someone said to him,"The body is your own,Things are the company's,What do you do? "He only said in a bad words:" What is the picture,Just like the rice bowl given to us by the company "。He smiled and continued to do his own work。

He cares about the new workers who can't eat bitter,Always do ideological Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitework with them,Call the apprentices Recommended European Cup match betting sitesas "Black Gold",I often love a joke when the atmosphere is harmonious。In the few years of being a master of new workers,He has served as a master of 6 apprentices,He leaned out,Patience Counseling,Make new workers grow quickly,Now it has all become the technical backbone in the team、Repair expert。The apprentices only need to mention his master,Not high above、Fearly look,but amiable、Pingyou。Everyone said: "Many of us have joined the job for the first time,Working in the coal mine again,It is necessary to accumulate work experience and integrate into the coal mine work.。In this process,Our growth has been carefully guided by the master,He never reprimanded us,What makes us convinced is his dedication spirit "。

Liu Haihua is like coal,Deep root,savings energy,When work is needed,Burn yourself,Light others,Use practical actions to interpret the "unity、Dedication、Realty、Forge -ness "corporate spirit。