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Liu Xiaolong is a second -level commissioner of the Ministry of Production and Technology of the Pu Longwan Coal Industry,From the first -line workers of the comprehensive mining team to the technical department of the production technology department to the secondary commissioner of the production and technology department,He has always strictly asked himself for more Free Bet on Euro 2024than Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesten years,Delicate,Based on your post,Drilling technology,Picking up the burden of work。"Very attached to technology,I like to think about everything,Some ‘one tendon’。"is the evaluation of him from colleagues around。His busy figure everyone is accustomed to it,His solid professional knowledge、Rich frontline work experience and serious and rigorous work attitude,Win the unanimous recognition and praise of leaders and colleagues。At the Second Vocational Meeting of the Seventh Turns of Coke Coal and 2023 Working Conference,Liu Xiaolong was rated as the first "three years and three steps" second merit。

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At the beginning of the establishment of the Pu Longwan Coal Industry Technology Innovation Center,Facing due to personnel shortage、weak technical strength and other difficulties,Liu Xiaolong under the leadership of the chief,Running on the front line of work。From passive learning to active gain,Constantly improving its own business level and innovation ability at work,Carry out technical research on the weak links in safe production,Realized effective transformation of scientific and technological achievements。

One day,Liu Xiaolong observed at the bottom of the well and discovered in the conversation with the workers under the well,When the working face layer is thicker Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteand the intensity is high,European Cup betting website with the highest oddsIt may appear to have a dew or crushing of the clip layer and the large piece of block is large and affect the coal;,thus affects the recovery rate; for the middle、lower clip,The top coal below the clamping layer is thinner,In particular, when the height of the machine is large,The stability is reduced,It may affect normal production。He keeps these in his heart,Study after research、Research,I believe that by optimizing the design of the thick clip bang coal layer, the design of the top coal mining technology,Can further increase the recovery rate of top coal,It plays a positive role in safe and efficient production。From this,He actively participated in the "Research Research on Research on the Receiving Raiders Recycling Raiders of Comprehensive Play Workflowers" in "Research on the Research on the Research on Top Coal Recycling Raiders",Lead the technicians to analyze and verify the technique of hydraulic fracture and top of multi -layer clamps.。Through numerical simulation、Experimental research and on -site test,Analysis of the thick coal seam under multiple layers,Coal rock structure deformation damage mechanism,Master the unstable features of comprehensive release of top coal、strength features and deformation features。Based on this,Combined with on -site test,It Recommended 2024 European Recommended European Cup match betting sitesCup Betting Siteshas formed a multi -layer of coal layer hydraulic fracture technology and process,Application of the 5#coal seam of Pu Longwan Coal Mine,and achieved good results。

There is always a return to pay。Liu Xiaolong participated in these years、Application of more than 60 items for scientific and technological innovation projects,More than 30 items of small reform projects,Has been repeatedly rated as "Advanced Workers" and "Science and Technology Innovation Model"。He and professional and technical personnel based on actual production needs,Continuous excavation technology innovation project,overcome one after another technical problem,Contributed to the work of Shop Longwan's scientific and technological innovation。

Diligence and studying, diligent in thinking

As a technician working from the grassroots,Liu Xiaolong has always been hungry and thirsty for knowledge,Beauty cherish every training and learning opportunity,and return home at a full load。Since joining the work,He insists on actively learning and mastering new technologies、New Standards、New process,Think and summarize with actual situation,Following through in practice。Sometimes I encounter complex problems,Spending a lot of effort, I don’t understand,He has always been asking questions with questions,until the problem is overcome one by one。

Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteFree Bet on Euro 2024Effective research and improvement skills

2021,Liu Xiaolong began to be responsible for picking、Digging design。Initial,He is not familiar with these tasks,But he relied on the personality that he did not accept,Frequent technical parameters in the underground,Review the designed drawings、Qualification,and learn from other mines to learn,Deeply figured out the design intention。After returning,Tracking construction situation,Timely finding problems、Solve the problem,Constantly accumulate design experience,Grow up quickly as an expert。

According to the group company's comprehensive promotion of the work requirements of "one excellence, three reductions",Liu Xiaolong repeatedly pondering the layout of the mine,Optimize layout of the May Erxin District,Refined working surface layout,Reasonable arrangement of production connection,Breakthrough mining bottleneck。He designed and optimized the 5105 working face,Set opening position in the available system lane,5105 Two Shin Tanks 5103 System Lane,It ensures the smooth flow of transportation system while reducing the excavation ruler of the working surface system lane,Save about 1 million yuan。He actively participated in the promotion of the 5111 working noodles "six fines",According to the characteristics of Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesFree Bet on Euro 2024the arrangement,Optimize the transportation system,Construction and moving alley from the auxiliary transport lane,Reduce moving transport distance 240m,Improved moving efficiency,Short the movement of movement for 10 days。In terms of design,Liu Xiaolong completed 5111 working noodles、5105 Working face design,Preparation of work surface mining design 2 items,More than 160 items for local design,Ensure that the mining mining connection is normal。

When people talk about his grades,Liu Xiaolong always said,The results belong to the past,Put your eyes in the future,The excellent style of persistence and hard work as always,Provide "hard" support for mine safety production,Use actual actions to contribute to the development of the Pu Longwan Coal Industry。