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There is such a team,They take root in the coal mine under the next line,Write the fatigue of the coal mine career with no regrets youth,Write the struggle of a team with hard sweat,Write stories of responsibility and responsibility with hard work,They are Shanxi Jiao Coal and Shanmei International Changchun Xing Coal Industry Comprehensive Mailing Team,The honorary title of the first "three -year and three steps" of the "three years and three steps" of Shanxi Coking Coal。

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93 employees of Changchun Xing Coal Industry Comprehensive Mailing Team,Let a maintenance class be set below、Two production classes,Implement "March 8th System" operation,8 people in the team with assistant and above engineers,All members implement one position multi -vocational management,Especially the maintenance class staff,In the maintenance work,Frequent cases of lack of personnel,Each type of work (except for Free Bet on Euro 2024special types of work) Free Bet on Euro 2024interspersed operations,greatly facilitated the development of the maintenance work,Improving the overall work efficiency of the comprehensive mining team。Although one job multi -job management requires more time than traditional ways、energy and hard work,However, the team members have never complained,Persist in the original heart,They suffer hard and dedicate、The work style of hard work is worth learning。

Two production operating class in the team should shoulder the production task while shoulder the production task,Each responsible for the production environmental sanitation and standardized dynamic dynamic standards in the area of ​​responsibility,Floating coal in the area after each shift、Clean up dust in time,and ensure that the quality of the work face engineering is dynamic,so as to "three straight, two levels and two unblocked"。They from entering the well to the hand -off -handling,non -stop returning to each point of the working surface,Always in the full load work status。When the local lights are lit,They are busy in the first line of the well in several hundred meters,Everyone sweats back,Dried Heating Fighting Heaven。Immediately organize processing when encountering hidden dangers of equipment,Make sure that various problems are solved as a class,Never bring the problem to the next class,Keep the class work surface high standard、High level、Effect of high -quality transfer,Laying a solid foundation for the efficient management of the comprehensive mining team。

Renewal intelligent control  Lean Management

The road to lean development,Help high -yield high efficiency into the fast lane。Changchun Xing Coal Industry Comprehensive Mailing Team will be quantified by lean management into all aspects of safety production,Including: working surface grid management、Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteRepairing Old Profit Waste Recommended European Cup match betting sites(Change the old new) management、job list management、Daily questions、Finger dictation、5W2H、Materials to use recycling closed -ring management, etc.,Meeting the district team layer,Everyone has tasks,Moon Moon has assessment,Integrate lean and high -quality development。

Relying on the construction of intelligent mines,Help high -yield high -efficiency zone team。Relying on intelligent working surface construction,Working surface realizes a group to move the front and rear conveyor and the protection help board、bracket partition operation and other functions; according to the bracket pressure distribution prompt,Quickly provide a basis for timely through the pressure area during the pressure period,To correct the form and frame shape in time; supervise and adjust the coal mining machine and cutting coal,Make sure that normal advancement during the return period, etc.,Intelligent working surface eliminates a single stand for traditional brackets、The complicated operation process of the operation of the valve,Reduced the physical labor amount of employees,Improving the production efficiency of working surface,Another important measure to become a high -yield and efficient construction of comprehensive mining teams。

Repair on -site transformation  Increased efficiency

Changchun Xing Coal Industry Comprehensive Mailing Team through timely grasp the rules of equipment operation and use,Complete the maintenance task in a targeted manner,Formulate measures and other measures for the next daily maintenance plan,Optimize the traditional "8+16" production method to "6+18" (that is:: produced by traditional 8 -hour maintenance and 16 hours,Optimized to 6 -hour maintenance 18 hours production),Production time increases 12%,Reasonable maintenance,Make sure the working face is safe Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteand long -term production,Single -day production Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitecapacity will be improved。In terms of equipment use,Equipment optimization management of the transmitter,When the equipment is installed in the well, the bridge groove、Box grooves for streamlined removal,Short the reprinted machine from 58.77m to 49.77m,Then run a week to reduce 10 seconds,Improve production efficiency by 16%。During the end of the work surface,To recycle more coal resources,Improve the single -sided recovery rate,shortened the belt storage position from the original 6 knots to 1 section,Increase the backing distance 22.5m,Multiple recovery of 65,000 tons of coal。

Focus on key points  Create again

Changchun Xing Coal Industry Comprehensive Mailing Team successfully completed the successful practice of multiple working faces,I have achieved a wealth of experience in the transfer of thick coal seam comprehensive work surface。Especially in the 307 working surface transfer optimization project,Through technical optimization、On -site construction process optimization、On -site construction conditions optimization,The team is chess for the whole team,Tightly organized construction of construction plan。Regardless of the captain、Deputy Captain、Class team leader and technician,Everyone eats and lives together、Regardless of each other、No division time,There is any problem at any time to enter the well at any time for treatment,Create good construction conditions,Guarantee construction technology、Construction process、The construction link is good,After nearly a month of unremitting struggle,Finally successfully completed this task。The rotation back to 45 °,Recycling 377,000 tons of coal resources,Reduce the input of 500 meters in the rock alley and the movement of 1 movement,Total direct drop cost 11 million yuan。

In the triangular coal recycling project at the European Cup betting website with the highest oddsend of the single wing area,Working face back revealing revealing through European Cup betting website with the highest oddsthe second section of the Panzu area back to the wind alley、Panzu District No. 2 Transportation Lane and the second -stage auxiliary lane of the plate area,and extend the direction length,Recycling Panwei Triangle Coal,To this end, the comprehensive mining team established a technical research team,Hold a special meeting several times,Analyze the location of the space in the empty lane,and propose a practical support plan。During the construction period, the deputy captain of each class as the first responsible person at the scene,Technical staff to assist in class,Organize the coordination and coordination of various types of workers,Timely adjust the working surface piercing,Pay close attention to the working face to promote the space and the space of the empty lane,Discover problems at any time,Take reliable measures at any time。During the empty lane period, each class extend the handover time,to ensure that supporting materials in the empty lanes can be recovered and safely recovered in time、Working surface dynamic reaching standards remain unchanged,The average work per class is about 10-12 hours。Everyone has suffered hard work、Struggle together,After nearly 2 months of gritting, insistence,Finally successfully completed the project。The project recycled a total of 11.318 million tons of coal resources,During the construction period,Actively implement lean management and control work,Recycling 1 round wood 431 roots,Pillow Wood 1850 roots,Total creation of 350,000 yuan。

Use a pre -digging retracement channel construction at the end of the work surface,This scheme is compared with the retracement channel from the coal mining machine,Can fully release the normal capacity of the comprehensive mining team,European Cup betting website with the highest oddsSave inefficient production time for nearly 10 days。Free Bet on Euro 2024That is: this scheme is more than 20,000 tons of raw coal per day than the coal mining machine self -cutting channel.,A total of more than 200,000 tons of raw coal,Compared with the self -cut retracement channel construction period, low -efficiency production,Increase production capacity of more than 90%,Completely released the normal production capacity of the comprehensive mining team。

Create high value  Mine change new face

Delivery of all employees of the Changchun Xing Coal Industry Comprehensive Mailing Team,2022,The company realizes the main sales income of more than 60%compared with the same period,Create "Lean for Changchun Xing Coal Industry、Safety、High yield、Efficient "ore laid a solid foundation。

This is a team that cultivates talents,Enter more than 10 young talents for teams and district teams in various departments,Provides strong support for the construction of subsequent professional talent echelons for various professional ministries and districts。This is a reassuring security team,Four years,Turn four back -to -service planes,Facing different geological structures and facial conditions in the face of each working surface,They are courageous and united、overcome difficulties、Endefeating constantly,Enter the technical and practical problems after another,At the same time, the record of the unit has been refreshed at the same time。This is a team that is willing to fight hard and dedicated,In front of honor,They reorganize bags、Come on again,It will be more vigorous and pioneered with pragmatic work style,For Changchun Xing Coal Industry "Smart Mine、High yield and efficient、Create benchmarks "and then make new skills!