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"It is said that coal miners are rough,Captain Zhang is rough and fine,Follow him to rest assured。"" I go to work for more than ten years,It is rare to ask Captain Zhang for leave,New Year's New Year is under the well。"" Captain Zhang is a ‘old comprehensive mining’,Ask him if you don’t understand what you do n’t understand。"" ... In the conference room of the second team of the coal industry in Shanmei International Square,Employees, you Recommended European Cup Recommended European Cup match betting sitesmatch betting sitesdiscuss the captain Zhang Weibing in his eyes。

Persistence、dedication、Responsibility for Zhang Weibing's background,It's even more bright。For more than 30 years,He takes root a front line、Choose the burden,Do it in practice、Chong in front,Singing the song of the struggler with a word and deed。May this year,Zhang Weibing was rated as "the most beautiful worker in the new era" in 2022 in Shanxi Province,Become the only front -line employee in our province's coal industry。


1987,17 -year -old Zhang Weibing came to the mine with enthusiasm。Before Xiajing,The master will give him a prevention needle: the underground conditions are not good,Can't do anything without suffering。

At that time, under the well was still artillery,You need to fire the gun first。Firemaking is a technical work,The proficient operation of the old master surprised Zhang Weibing。From this,Master's artillery,He just learned and looked at,How to arrange the cannon eye、How to grasp the angle。supporting the shed,He also follows it with learning。Others feel that under the well is very bitter,He found fun in a difficult environment。

From the artillery、Puti again to comprehensive mining,Zhang Weibing witnessed the development and change of the coal mining process under the well,Mechanized coal mining allows him to feel the safety and efficiency of production,He loves the coal industry more,Continuous diligence。Recommended 2024 European Free Bet on Euro 2024Cup Betting SitesFiremaster、The driver of the coal mining machine to the team leader、Deputy Captain to the captain,His firm belief、Courage to take responsibility、Continuous growth。From fun to love、From duty to persistence,Zhang Weibing often said,Xiajing is like eating、Sleeping the same,It has become an indispensable part of his life。dry line、Love and team reflected on him to the fullest。

Zhang Weibing, who is already in his 50s now,Still sticking to the front line of the well。During the festival,In order to take care of him,Give him a few less class。Zhang Weibing immediately asked to re -class,Add a few more followers to yourself,so that the young team to go home to gather。Zhang Weibing smiled and said: "I didn't take care of my home when I was young,My wife is still often talking。Young people must work hard and take care of the good family。"",Zhang Weibing Yueyue Moon Moon,even more attendance,Make employees encouraged。


"Being under the well must worry about safety,Especially when strengthening the support of the supporting network,Never save trouble ... ",Zhang Wei also has an endless heart,Explanation of various tasks in clearing two Chu,Repeated emphasis on safety。

Grab Safety,Zhang Weibing has his own method。He knows,With feelings、Grab safety with responsibility,can we firmly keep the bottom line of safe production。More than 130 employees in the team,Personality of each person、Hobbies、European Cup betting website with the highest oddsFree Bet on Euro 2024Family situation,Zhang Weibing all fingers。He thinks this is also part of lean and safe。

Zhang Weibing said: "You can discuss everything,Nothing to discuss things that affect safety。"He followed the well with class,No one wants to speculate on his eyes to escape his eyes。One time,Little Wang Xiao Wang for advanced support at the end,4 meters high in the alleyway,Safety procedures must be worn on high stools to wear safety ropes。Xiao Wang thinks that there are only a few tens of seconds,Back and forth safety rope waste time。Zhang Weibing stopped immediately after discovery,Tell him the true thing: "Is the fracture of Master Guo?,A small stone fell on the top board,His first reaction is to hide,As a result, it was unstable.。"Xiao Wang was educated after hearing it。

After the shift is raised in each shift,Zhang Weibing summarizes work,I have always only said that things are not named。,He will leave a few people consciously,There are old employees and new employees,Some people who do not follow the chapters also have something to hide in my heart ... Zhang Weibing will talk to them alone,Help them solve problems。Zhang Weibing said,This is the summary of DuPont's security concept,Criticizing the "three violations" personnel in public may play a warning role,But the psychology of employees will have a negative effect。It is the principle of Zhang Weibing to not let employees from bringing emotions,No matter what difficulties European Cup betting website with the highest oddsSafe and reliable European Cup betting websiteencounter,He has to help employees completely solve,This is here,Employees are very practical with his heart。


One time,During the return period of the working surface,Due to the complicated working face conditions,50 brackets are all crushed to death。Zhang Weibing stares at the scene,The equipment was used to rescue the equipment with the method of digging a coal excavation。

Another time,The head of the underground workplace is suffering from the head of the head of the header,Promoting difficulties,Zhang Weibing convened a team to discuss on the spot,Formulate a plan、Reasonable Organization,Finally successfully passed the falling pillar。


Over the years,No matter what difficult and danger is encountered in the working surface,Zhang Weibing has never been absent,never let go in the face of difficulties、Never do things if you do n’t do it。Technician Wu Yan said: "Don't look at the captain 52 years old,Regardless of energy or thought,Our 25 -year -old guy sometimes can't compare to。”

Jingfang Coal Industry is an old mine,The geological conditions under the well under the well are extremely complicated。To achieve lean coal,The company's optimized design,Formulated a plan to recover the corner coal。The condition of recovery in the area where the corner coal is located is complicated,The middle runs through more than ten empty lanes,Top board control、Alleyway support is a great test。This difficult hard bone European Cup betting website with the highest oddsis handed in Zhang Weibing's hands。

European Cup betting website with the highest oddsTo ensure everything,Zhang Weibing arranges in advance deployment、Formulate measures,Do your homework、Getting Kung Fu。After encountering empty alley,He discussed the plan with everyone,Preparation material,On -site supervision Implementation。One Lane and One Strategy、Classification Implementation、Tracking on the spot、Time to adjust,With the spirit of the ants bones,They completed the task of crossing the empty lane within the specified time。During this period,Zhang Weibing did not go home at a time,Even my wife is sick and hospitalized,He rushed to the hospital to explain to the children and returned to the well。

Someone said,Paying off the mortgage will not get off the well,Live with peace of mind; someone says,Save money for the child to marry and get out of the well.,Live in a down -to -earth。From Zhang Weibing's view,More than 30 years have passed,He has never had such an idea。"I think coal miners are glorious,Just dry heart every day,Let employees happy to work、Pingping An'an home is a good day。"Zhang Weibing said firmly。