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       To help company employees establish a healthy psychological health consciousness,Strengthen self -psychological regulation ability,Learn the correct treatment and leadership、The relationship between colleagues,In the afternoon of April 28,The Joint Training Department of the Holxinhe Coal Industry Trade Union held a "Psychological Care Trade Union Love" employee psychological health public in the training classroom on the second floor of the training center,Teaching by Zhang Qianqian, a psychological Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitescounselor of Holxinhe Coal Industry Union,A total of more than 30 employees from various departments participated in this event。

       In class,Teachers led everyone to systematically learn the three common rules common in "Psychology in the Workplace": Potter Law、Hengshan Law、Frog rules,Three effects: the first cause effect、Authoritative effect、Raynier effect and the law of wooden barrels、Matthew effect、Flying Wheel Law、Nanfeng Effect and other eighteen laws。Psychological short films through vivid image、Popular humorous language,Combining the events that may occur in daily work with the corresponding laws of psychology to tell,Deepen everyone's understanding and memory of many laws and laws of the workplace psychology,Recommended European Cup match betting sitesDuring the period,Employees actively participate in on -site interactive tests,The classroom atmosphere is relaxed and warm。

       The content of the psychological health of the employee is rich and practical,Not only helps employees understand theoretical knowledge of workplace psychology,Learn how to have leaders、colleagues and yourself in harmony,Effectively alleviated the work pressure of employees。Next,The Holxinhe Coal Industry Union will rely on employees' safety and mental health center,Continue to carry out the "Employee Psychological Health Care Program",In -depth promotion of employees' mental health service,Build a big health system for the company、Maintaining the physical and mental rights of employees to contribute corporate power。