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      May 1,In this special labor festival,Hanjiawa Coal Industry Union sent fruit for front -line employees、Milk、Eggs and other condolences,Pay tribute to the front -line ordinary workers who silently dedicate。

       Staff came to the ground duty room and Jingkou,Send a festival condolences for the staff on duty and the well -mouth workers,and warm festival blessings and security entrustment,European Cup betting website with the highest oddsSend the care of the party and government of Hanjiawa Coal Industry and the concern of the union to the heart of employees。

       "Thank you for the care of the mine party and politics,Thank you for the care of the union's "Mother's Family" ",Workers who just raised in the festival received surprises,Special happy,Deeply moved。"We must do our job well,Standard post、Dry Standards,Practice safety procedures with actual actions,Resolutely eliminate the phenomenon of the ‘three violation’,contribute to the company's safety production development ... "The employees who received the condolences said happily。Union staff thanks to employees who Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitekeep working at the holiday during the festival,I wish them a happy holiday。

       This event has inspired the enthusiasm of the majority of employees to love jobs,Established the concept of "work to create all a better life",Create "The most glorious labor,Labor is the most lofty,The greatest labor,The strong atmosphere of labor is the most beautiful "atmosphere,Promote the high -quality development of enterprises with actual actions。