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       To celebrate the "May 1st" International Labor Day,enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the company's employees,Fully display the unity of the majority of employees、Good style of stubborn hard work。morning on April 27,Hanjiawa Coal Industry Trade Union organizes the "May 1st" fun event,Further stimulates the spirit of employee team spirit and competition awareness。

       Free Bet on Euro 2024To ensure the smooth development of this event,Hanjiawa Coal Industry Trade Union planned in advance,Under the premise of ensuring safety,Organization launched the "One Circle to the End" fun competition。On the court,Various postures and expressions of the participating team members attracted the onlookers to laugh at the crowd,The entire scene is full of laughter。Participants are sincere united、Stubborn struggle,In the audience's shouting one after another,Pushing the game to a climax。After fierce competition,Playing Team、Material adoption department、The comprehensive mining team won the top three。

       This event integrates fun and competitive,Make Recommended European Cup match betting sitesemployees in the tense work,Released passion and power,greatly mobilized the employee's centripetal force and cohesion,Injects vitality into the safe and stable development of the enterprise。After the event is over,Hanjiawa Coal Industry Union awarded prizes and souvenirs to the contestants,Let everyone spend a pleasant and unforgettable holiday in the laughter。