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       In order to thoroughly study and implement the party's 20th spirit and the idea of ​​Xi Jinping's ecological civilization,Persist in youth with Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideological education group with Chinese characteristics。When commemorating the 104th anniversary of the May 4th Movement and the 101st anniversary of the establishment of the group,Youth League members of the Shanmei International Youth League Committee and Youth Leaders of the Sub -Branch,The "Study 20 Congress、Always walk with the party、Entrusted New journey "theme group day and voluntary tree planting activity。

       Banner Leading direction,Thought to illuminate flights。Planting Tree Base at Yangxinggou at the first stop。League members youth at high Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesstandards、High -quality、High -efficiency complete tree planting task。Planting a tree,Get a piece of forest。The development of this voluntary tree planting activity,Let all young volunteers further remember the concept of ecological civilization in the heart、Lv Green activity,Actively participate in planting green、Love Green、Lv Green activity,Use actual actions to add new colors to the construction of ecological homeland,A sapling steadily tied the root in the soil。

       Looking back at long history,Inherit the revolutionary spirit。After planting tree planting activities,Youths of the Yashan Coal International Youth League Committee on the second stop of the event "Shibuki Village Red Education Base",my country's first county -level Liberation War Memorial Museum is completed here。

       The liberation of the red micro -movie "In front of the branch" in the Recommended European Cup match betting sitesred lecture hall,A thrilling campaign and the deep military and civilian fish and water stories make everyone deeply infected。League members of the group pursue red memory,Continue to write the first martyrs,Don’t forget the original heart、Study forward,Let the red memory integrate into the blood,Let Yinglie's spiritual salary be passed on。

       This event,Give full play to the role of the pioneer and the main force of the youth of the Youth League Committee of Shanmei International League,further promoted "Dedication、Friends、mutual assistance、Progress "volunteer service spirit。The young people of the members also recognize their sense of responsibility and mission,It has strengthened the confidence and determination of struggle for the party's career for life.。Everyone unanimously stated that we want to inherit the European Cup betting website with the highest oddsideal beliefs of the revolutionary ancestors' unsatisfactory ideals and firm and attached loyalty,Based on my job、Ersenation、Don’t forget the original heart、Study forward,Use your own actual actions to contribute youth for the construction of new coking coal。