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       Recently,Hequ Luotian Coal Industry Party Branch organized a special meeting,Learn and implement Shanxi coking coal、Shanmei International 2023 comprehensive and strict party governance party and party style European Cup betting website with the highest oddsand clean government construction work spirit,Members of the company team and the heads of various departments attended the meeting。

       Meeting requirements,First, all cadres and employees must improve their political standing,The 20th spirit of the party will be thoroughly studied and implemented as the current primary political task,Careful implementation of the group company、Shanmei International's arrangements for comprehensive and strict governance of the party and the construction of the party style and clean government,Constantly improving political judgment、Political understanding、Political Execution。Second, Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesstrengthen responsibility for responsibility,Strict implementation of comprehensive and strict and strict party responsibility system,to promote the construction of various tasks such as the construction of the "New Coking Coal Supervision System" to achieve new progress and new results,Contribute to the high -quality development of the enterprise。