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       New Year's Day、The Spring Festival is coming,To continue to deepen the consolidation of the "four winds" correction results,Strictly implement the spirit of the eight regulations of the central government,December 26,Holxine Coal Industry held a special meeting,Reminder of integrity before the holiday of management personnel at all levels。

       Will on the way,conveyed the recent Central Discipline Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteInspection Commission、The National Supervision Commission's notification on 10 typical issues of spiritual spirit in violation of the central government,Remind managers at all levels to further strict discipline、Zhengfeng Suji,Effectively eliminating the problem of "holiday disease"。

       The meeting pointed out,To sprint this year work、Scientific planning the work of next year,Perform "one post and two responsibilities",Combined with the risk point of the preliminary checkup,Precision research and judgment of the "four winds" situation in charge,Autonomous increase supervision and inspection、Demonstrate Division、Education guidance,Build the first line of defense。The company's Safe and reliable European Cup betting websitedisciplinary inspection department must earnestly perform supervision duties,A targeted correction formalism、bureaucracy,Strictly investigate the Division of Discipline,serious accountability for losing loss of losses。

       Conference emphasized,holidays are nodes that are prone to "four winds" problem,It is also a "test point" that strictly abides by the spirit of the eight regulations of the Central Committee。Company party members and leading cadres must play a leading role,Guided by the 20th spirit of the party,With more full enthusiasm,More solid style,Rigid and efficient do all work,Do a good job of supervision and inspection in the new situation,Continue to European Cup betting website with the highest oddsrighteousness,Help the company open a good game on the new road、Start up for a good step。