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       Ling Zhida Coal Industry Party Committee has continuously Free Bet on Euro 2024strengthened the consciousness of responsibility of the main body of the function department,In -depth promotion of the bidding process for the management,Strengthen the bidding project beforehand、In the event、After -after supervision and management,Ensure that the "New Coking Coal Supervision System" is implemented in the bidding work。

       Pay attention to pre -supervision,Preparation of the review and compilation。Projects for approval of the company's party committee to enter the bidding process,It is clear and accurate to the bidding project from the function department,List in detail the list of preliminary approval information,Do a good job of precise and effective supervision beforehand。June this year,The company's ground test prevention and control department is in the preparation of the "Prevention and Control Report (Repair)",You need to cooperate with local qualification agencies to carry out this work。To ensure the bidding process specification、High -efficiency advance,Related Functional Ministry Division strengthened Free Bet on Euro 2024pre -supervision,From material declaration、Fund Plan、Project Overview、The spirit of the superior documentation and other aspects of combing the director's materials approval list 13 items,Promoting through a singleization,Strengthen time node arrangement,Efficient promotion project process,Only take only 25 days,completed the project declaration、Bidding invitation letter issued、A series of work such as online registration of qualification units。

       Pay attention to review,Improve supervision quality and efficiency。During the bid process,Focus on the qualifications of the bidding unit、Credit degree and work performance in the same industry,Supervise the credibility of the bidding unit and the ability to actively bid,Avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of "siege bids" when bidding。The company's function department is in the bid in the "Prevention and Control Report (Repair)",Receive information from 5 bidding units,Through the business license of 5 units、Account Opening License、Geological European Cup betting website with the highest oddsSurvey Qualification Certificate、Performance Contract、Legal review of legal person identity and the identity of the client,At the same time, issue "Invitation Letter" to 5 units,Clear business negotiation time、Place。In multiple rounds of competitive business negotiations,Clarify the discipline of the live meeting,Bid bidding for low price、High -efficiency supply units。In the first round of qualification review of business negotiations,It is found that the actual bidder of one of the units is inconsistent with the client,Functional departments make abandoned treatment of the unit,Prevent the problem of "siege bid",Ensure that the bid link is fair、Justice。Since April,The bidding office is reviewed in a total of 59 bidding projects,Spell 16 rectification suggestions to the contracting department and bidding unit。

       Pay attention to post -event evaluation,Improve service level。Strict implementation of the "Post -Evaluation Management System" revised by the company in June,Engineering category in bidding activities、Cargo Free Bet on Euro 2024category、Services and other projects will be evaluated and evaluated after the end of the service category。Engineering projects from engineering quality、Safe and civilized construction、Workers period、Warranty service、Performance status, etc.,Cargo projects from quality、Price、Delivery、Service、Performance status, etc.,Service items from service quality、Price、Workers period、Service Track、Performance status and other aspects of evaluation scores,Finally the implementation of various projects、Summary analysis of the management process,Discover problems and put forward improvement opinions or suggestions,Finally to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of the project。Since June,Post -evaluation after the project of 40 winning units is over,Winning 29 bidders,10,One of the blacklists。

       Before the bidding project、In the event、Three links afterwards for review,While improving the work efficiency of bidding matters,Compressed data compilation review time Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Siteslimit,improved project service level and project quality,Standardized the source control of the bidding unit,Effectively prevent job clean risk,Promoting the level of bidding for the company will be further improved。