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      June 13,Shanmei International Coal Industry Jin South South -South Area Party Branch launched "Righteousness and Strong Enterprise,Fight for integrity pioneer "theme party day event,Participate in all party members, cadres, and employees participate。

      This event focused on the important expositions of General Secretary Xi Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesJinping on the construction of safety production and ecological civilization and the spirit of the Shanxi coking coal hard training and improvement.,Concentrated watching "Life is more important than Taishan" TV feature film,All party members revisit the party's oath,and collectively read the party constitution。

      The secretary of the regional party branch Wang Xiaodong request,To learn and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on safety production、General Secretary Xi Jinping inspects the combination of the important instructions of Shanxi and the deployment of the 12th Party Congress of the Provincial Congress,Focus on the "32 words" European Cup betting website with the highest oddsrequirements of the Provincial Party Committee,Promote the implementation of 15 hard measures for safety production,Effectively abide by the production safety method,Be the first responsible person,Further enhances the sense of urgency of doing a good job of safety、sense of responsibility and mission。

      Participants unanimously expressed,The spirit of this meeting will be carefully implemented,Continuously improved political standing,Carefully complete the key work arrangements of the coal industry branch,escort for the safety production of mine in the area。