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       April 26,The Organization of Leopard Gully Coal Industry held a promotion meeting for lean management,Members of the company team and various departments、The person in charge of the team participated Free Bet on Euro 2024in the meeting。The meeting was secretary of the company's party branch secretary、Chairman Su Songyi presided over。

       Will on the way,Concentrated study and announced the spirit of the key work promotion meeting of Shanmei International Lean Management and Deputy Secretary of Shanmei International Party Committee、General Manager Wu Navy's speech content,and a special seminar on the lean project reported on the report。Team members around lean management,Make arrangements and emphasize the combined management business。

       Conference emphasized,Managers at all levels should effectively improve Free Bet on Euro 2024political standing,Between recognition of the purpose and significance of lean management,Consciously establish a lean management thinking; the second is to start working hard for brain tendon,The whole process of effectively penetrating the concept of lean management through various tasks; the third is to take the initiative to target first -class,Focus on refining summary,Effective practical "rigidity first、Post -optimization、CICC "; Fourth, to strengthen the launch of publicity,Create a strong atmosphere of "participation in everyone",transforms lean management European Cup betting website with the highest oddsinto everyone's awareness; fifth is to achieve the same direction of various departments、Various tasks of the same frequency resonance,Demonstration of modeling model ore。