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       Lean Management is a persistent topic,Lean thinking needs to be fully integrated into production and management activities。In the end of the peak production in the first quarter,It is also an important stage for the comprehensive resumption of work and production of the new building material plant in Jingfang Coal Industry,To effectively achieve "start a good step、Open the head ",New building material factories give full play to the role of lean management,Focus on production links,By improving at the scene、Equipment Management、Repairing the old and waste waste,Efforts to achieve quality improvement and efficiency、Lean target for consumption Recommended European Cup match betting sitesreduction for saving branches。

      Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteIn terms of improvement at the scene,Lean Promotion Group to re -sort out the production process,From enhancing safety protection、Reduce labor intensity、Optimize the value dimension of the work process,Key to the kiln car delivery system、Kiln plus sand adjustment control、Automatic cutting recovery device for improvement and optimization,Strengthen on -site safety management,Improve employee work efficiency。

       In terms of equipment inspection and maintenance,Promote independent maintenance and small reform,Actively implement non -marking self -made and components repair,Reduce the purchase fee of equipment accessories,Among them, the processing rate of the processing of conventional components of the equipment reaches 60%,The repair and utilization rate of equipment components is 80%。At the same time,Strictly follow the "four clear" lean requirements,Clear the responsibility for equipment maintenance、Division of labor is clear、The progress is clear、Clear quality,Equipment maintenance and maintenance is more comprehensive、More thorough、More reliable,Improve the intact rate of the equipment。

       In terms of repairing the old and waste,Actively carry out the recycling work of abolished anchor rods and waste rails in the well。According to the characteristics of the item and the requirements of the equipment,Re -processing and then use,Maximum use of its use value,Reduce production cost。New building material factory crusher belongs to wear equipment,篦 strip is the main loss of loss,Total discs also need to be added regularly,Extending its service life。March,Use the abolition track inside the recycling,8 trful (55 roots/auxiliary),Calculate at the market value of 5500 yuan/auxiliary,The cost of saving materials is 44,000 yuan。At the same time,Recycling and reuse 95 anchor rods are added to the 5 crushing machines to increase (about 0.4 tons),Converted into the corresponding thread price,Able to save material costs 1800 yuan。

       Continue to advance in -depth promotion of lean management,requires employees to actively participate、Bringing wide -minded,Multiple measures in accordance with actual measures。In future work,Employees of new building materials factories will be further based on their job,Take the improvement of lean as the carrier、Taking cost control as the starting European Cup betting website with the highest oddspoint,Continuous optimization of various links,Form a good atmosphere for all members,Make sure that lean management is effective and effective。