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       March 14,The General Branch of the Leopard Gully Coal Industry Party Branch held a special meeting,Learn to promotes Shanxi coking coal、Shanmei International 2023 Comprehensive and strict party governance party and party style and clean government construction work spirit,Members of the company team and personnel at or above the deputy Recommended European Cup match betting sitesdepartment attend the meeting。

      Conference emphasized,First, to strengthen mental learning,Effectiveness of learning and understanding。Managers at all levels and party members at all levels should organically integrate the spirit of the study meeting with the party's 20th spirit,Use centralized learning and learning、Online school and offline learning、"Dry Middle School" and "Study Middle School" method,In -depth interpretation of the spirit of the meeting。Second, to strengthen responsibility,Do an article on the party's spirit。Party members and cadres must actively benchmark tables,Check itself at the level of ability、Responsibility、Free Bet on Euro 2024Work style construction、Decending the overall situation and other aspects,With the sense of responsibility of "constantly" and the courage in the blade,Continuous self -revolution,At all times。Third, to strengthen demonstration leaders,Move the brain in the action。Party members and cadres must take the initiative to conduct preaching in the grassroots level,The spirit of the learning meeting and safety and environmental protection、epidemic prevention and control、Organic combination of production and protection of production and supply,Anchor target does not relax,Concubine Gathering Development,Work hard to create a new coking Free Bet on Euro 2024coal first -class benchmarking mine。