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       Hongyuan Coal Industry integrates the concept of lean thinking into the mining planning and design,Actively study the optimization method of lane lane layout,Timely adjust the construction process,Realize one alley more,Reuse of the old lane,Relieve the tension of mining while reducing the cost of excavation。

       Hongyuan Coal Industry originally needed to be European Cup betting website with the highest oddsequipped Free Bet on Euro 2024with a mortar transportation material carriage for every lane lane、Hui Fenglian Lane,System engineering volume is about 130 meters,Extraction period for more than 2 months,Turning cost costs of more than 260,000 yuan,And the lane lane excavation period needs to be supporting equipment and vermiculite,Increase the mining mining connection and cost pressure。

       Hongyuan Coal Industry found through the analysis of the current situation of the underground,When designing the design of 150205 high -pumping alley in the Ercai District,The original plan is intended to dig at+21 ° slope at the opening of the track lane,Cross the belt roadway into 150205 high -pumping European Cup betting website with the highest oddsalley booked location。You need European Cup betting website with the highest oddsto excavate 130 meters uphill and turn on the turning system alleyway,Protecting during the excavation of the roadway、Transportation、ventilation、Mechanical and Electrical、Drainage and other materials for delivery,Difficulties in construction,The construction period is also longer。

       Optimized arrangement、Reduce the amount of excavation project、Save cost,Hongyuan Coal Industry is considering transportation、ventilation、After the rationality of various systems and other systems, the original solution design is optimized。Extend to the southeast on the basis of the original Safe and reliable European Cup betting website150206 high -pumping alley,Increase European Cup betting website with the highest oddsthe input of the lane roadway to 150205 high -pumping lane predetermined layer。Use 150206 high -pumping alley,not only resolved the difficulty of construction difficulty in the period of digging into the 130 -meter curve climbing roadway、Performance of coal and other problems,Save equipment installation and handling time,Realizing the cost of rejuvenating the lane roads saving more than 420,000 yuan。

       Optimization of the design schemes of the roadway not only meets the requirements of the Safety Regulations for Coal Mine,It is also conducive to the ventilation of the roadway、Transportation and power supply,It provides Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteguidance for the design of the high -end lane excavation plan in the future。