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       March 17,Shan Coal International Coal Sales Branch held a lean management work promotion video meeting。Secretary of the Party Branch of the Sales Branch、Manager Liang Sha is equal to members of the team、The person in charge of each department、Lean Office and Lean Innovation Project The main participants participated in the meeting。

       European Cup betting website with the highest oddsOver the meeting,Lean Office reports the completion of the sales branch in 2022 and the work plan of 2023,Xuan Guan learned from Shanxi coking coal、Shanmei International's new requirements on promoting lean management。Conference emphasized,All departments should improve their understanding,Unified thoughts to the work deployment of superiors,Continuously developing new projects,Accelerate the lean work based on the post; we must give full play to the role of lean management office,Organize learning excellent lean project results,Internalize the concept of lean to the heart、Externalization。

       Liang Shaping pointed Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesout,Lean Management is the country and enterprises to mention the economy、A good medicine for promoting development,At the same time, it can also help employees grow and improve personal growth,Inheritance with the concept of high -quality development、The goal is consistent。Sales Branch must focus on the first line of sales,Adhere to the continuous creation of new lean projects at the application level,Cracking the pain point、Difficult point、blocking point,Continuously optimize business processes,Implementation efficiency improves。To go deep into the management concept and work concept,Talents found through Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Siteslean management,Then the talent leads the high -quality development of the company,Inspired employees to seek innovation based on posts、Lean,Improve the basic ability of employees and the promotion of career promotion into lean management,Promote a group of lean management talents to grow rapidly,Growing up the vital army that promotes high -quality development,In order to accelerate the construction of a world -class coking coal coal company, fresh blood is continuously provided。