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       March 3,The Party Branch of Pu Longwan Coal Industry held a study and implementation of Shanxi Coking Coal、Shanmei International 2023 Comprehensive and strict party governance party, party style and clean government construction work conference spirit topics。Member of the company team、Deputy Chief Worker、The person in charge of the department attended the meeting。

       Free Bet on Euro 2024Meeting,branch member、Manager Chang Jinlei conveyed Shanxi Coking Coal in 2023、Shanmei International comprehensive and strict party governance party, party style and clean government construction work spirit。

       Meeting requirements,First, we can do a good job of conveying learning,Unified thoughts。In -depth implementation of Shanxi Coking Coal、The deployment requirements of Shanmei International on the construction of strict and strict party and party style and clean government,Continuously strengthening ideology and conscious action,Pay close attention to learning and education,Comprehensive improvement of theoretical literacy and integrity of party members and cadres。Recommended European Cup match betting sitesSecond is to strengthen the organization leaders,Effectively fulfill the main responsibility of the party branch,Enhance the "one post and two responsibilities" responsibility consciousness of the team members,continuously leading the party to the party to continuously deepen。Third is to focus on further promoting the comprehensive construction of "clean state -owned enterprises"、Promote the "New Coking Coal Supervision System" to build and build,Strengthen "Qin、Qing、Lian "concept output,Correct all membership liability chain,Promote the work of comprehensively and strictly governing the party and the construction of the party style and clean government。