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       To further promote lean management,Implement the "brand strong enterprise" strategy of the group company,Ling Zhida Coal Industry adheres to "customer -centric",Focus on management and service innovation,Constantly improving product competitiveness,Meet the needs of customer differentiation,Consolidate market share with high -quality products and services。

       Railway transportation is one of the main methods of Ling Zhida coal sales and transportation and European Cup betting website with the highest oddsFree Bet on Euro 2024transportation,Railway shipping vehicles are all open -car,When the temperature is lower than 0 ℃ per winter,Coal is very easy to freeze,Formation of frozen coal accidents,Seriously affect the normal transportation of the railway,It will also cause quality differences in commodity coal,Indirect coal quality business disputes。To effectively eliminate such problems,Ling Zhida Coal Industry held a special meeting research,Decided to add a set of iron -transport anti -freezing spraying system。After a special research on the surrounding mine,The purchase price of the system is about 250,000 yuan。To implement lean management,Objective to achieve consumption reduction for saving branches,Ling Zhida Coal Industry Recommended European Cup match betting sitesFree Bet on Euro 2024starts from its own practice,Give full play to employees' hands -on innovation ability,Homemade a set of spraying system。The system uses 100mm*100mm square steel welding as a dragon door frame,Control the nozzle with the PA400 electric gourd to achieve mobile spray,Use the idle air pressure machine and other idle accessories materials to make it together。Except for the purchase cost of the necessary equipment,Realized funds to save more than 225,000 yuan。The homemade spraying system runs stable,Effectively avoiding frozen coal accidents,Make sure product quality。

       At the same time,Ling Zhida Coal Industry strengthened on -site quality control from the management level,Optimized management mode,Recommended European Cup match betting sitesFree Bet on Euro 2024Adhere to the principle of "unqualified quality and resolutely not loaded and not sold",Increase the inspections of empty car car inspection in daily management operations,Quick response to the phenomenon of residues and frozen coal found to the air -in -air vehicle、Clean up in time,Guarantee product quality and transportation safety,Getting good quality for customers。

       Ling Zhida Coal Industry is based on lean innovation、Service Customer、Principles for improving quality and efficiency,Self -made anti -freezing spraying system、Improved management measures so that the convenience of the railway line is further strengthened,Stable product quality、Improve corporate image、Play a key role in providing transportation guarantee European Cup betting website Recommended European Cup match betting siteswith the highest oddsfor customers,Effectively promote the overall advancement of the company's lean innovation。