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       December 30,The China Coal Industry Association organized well -known domestic experts to conduct provincial and ministerial appraisal for the results of the project of "Grand Coal Legal Solid Waste Use and Collaborative Green Mining" implemented by Shanmei International.。The appraisal committee is supervised by Hunan University of Science Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteand Free Bet on Euro 2024Technology, Feng Tao、Wang Jiachen, Vice President of China University of Mining (Beijing)、Zhang Jixiong, Vice President of China University of Mining and Technology、Eight well -known experts including Chen Shaojie, Dean of the School of Energy at the School of Energy of Shandong University of Science and Technology formed。Yang Yanqun, Director of Shanxi Coking Coke Technology Center,Deputy General Manager of Sand Coal International、Chief Engineer Han Lei attended the meeting,Technology Center、Holxinhe Coal Industry and other related personnel attended the meeting。

       ​​Experts from the Appraisal Committee carefully listened to the detailed report on the results of the Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteproject,For this project, fill Recommended European Cup match betting sitesthe ash and other waste,Effectively solved the problem of "three down" overwing coal resources mining problems,Replace 475,000 tons of resources,Realizing hundreds of millions of economic benefits to give higher evaluation,At the same time, it affirmed the innovation point of the project、Application of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the results obtained。Careful review and rigorous inquiry of related materials,This identification of the results of the project reached the international leading level。

       It is reported,"Critical Technology and Demonstration of Grand Coal Bidding Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteWaste Use and Collection Collaborative Green Mining" project Free Bet on Euro 2024adopts "production、Learning、Research、Use the mode of communication and cooperation,Forms a demand -oriented technological achievement conversion mechanism,It has a positive role in promoting the core competitiveness of Shanmei International with scientific and technological innovation。Next,Technology Center will deeply excavate the project results、Refine,In the river、Cultural relics overwriting resource replacement,Small kiln destruction area、Corresponding ore such as the governance of the air zone for promotion and application。