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      March 16,Leopard Gully Coal Industry Organization held a lean on -site improvement proposal promotion meeting,Member of the Party Branch of Leopard Gully Coal Recommended European Cup match betting sitesIndustry、Li Yanjin, Chairman of the Trade Union attended the meeting and speak,The heads of the party and mass work department and the heads of various departments and the management staff attended the meeting。

      Will on the way,The Party and Mass Work Department reported summary of the development of lean on -site improvement proposals,Point out the problems existing at work,Clarified the next work idea,Case analysis with excellent projects。Discussion on the site of various departments on the site of the specific work content,I made suggestions and suggestions。

      Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesLi Yanjin emphasized,First, to recognize the purpose and significance of improving the proposal work on the spot,Pioneering work ideas,Stimulate employees' innovative consciousness; the second is to strengthen typical selection trees,Strengthen publicity guidance,Create a strong atmosphere of everyone's participation; the third is to pay attention to refining summary,Collect project material,Improve the quality,Perfect the incentive mechanism,Reinforcement continues to improve; Fifth is to strengthen the construction of the Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteorganizational system,Highlight service guidance,Pay attention to the effect conversion and project promotion,Create good conditions for creating new coking coal first -class benchmarking mines。