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       On March 14, Jingfang Coal Industry held a special meeting to concentrateLearn to implement Shanxi Coking Coal and Shan Coal International2023 The spirit of strict and strict party and party style and clean government construction meeting。Members of the Curry Coal Industry Team,All departments、Team and the person in charge of each subsidiary attended the meeting。 

       Meeting requirements,Free Bet on Euro 20241 is to thoroughly study and implement。The company must deeply understand the significance of comprehensively and strictly governing the party and party style and clean government,Original learning Shanxi coking coal、The spirit of Shanmei International Conference,Make sure to communicate in place。Second, we must strengthen the awareness of the stem。We must conscientiously implement the spirit of the conference,Guide cadres to know and do one、The same words and deeds,Comparison of key work throughout the year,Pay close to the target task,Grab style,Strong implementation,Make sure that the tasks of various indicators are successfully completed。Third is comprehensive construction"Clean State -owned Enterprise". wantEffectively integrate supervision work into the entire process of corporate governance,Promotion"New Coking Coal Supervision System" is completed and established.Fourth, we must grasp the construction of party style and clean government。The members of the team can perform well"One job and two responsibilities",Strengthen the concept of party spirit and consciousness of integrity,Bring a good team,Manage yourself and the people around you,It must be within eight hours,It is necessary to control eight hours,At the same time, strengthen warning education,Education's political nature of the majority of party members and cadres to Free Bet on Euro 2024maintain a clean,Create the wind and clear the air、Good atmosphere of harmony and upward。