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Enter the mountain coal
since 2009
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  • 452.76 billion yuan
    Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting SitesAsset scale
  • 282 bit
    Fortune 500 rankings
  • 21.58 billion tons
    Resource reserves
  • 14500 People
    Total number of employees

Shanmei International Energy Group Co., Ltd.(referred to as "Shanmei International") was established in December 2009,Registered capital 1.982 billion yuan,It is a state -owned holding A -share listed company (stock code 600546),Late。As of the end of 2022,The scale of assets is 45.276 billion yuan,The total number of employees is 14,500 people。

The company's main coal mining、Coal washing、Coal and product sales、Information consulting service、Water route transportation、Sales of metal materials、Non -metal ore and product sales、Plastic products sales、Sales of rubber products、Entering investment activities and other businesses with its own funds,Formed professional production、Marketing、Modern operation、Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiteQuality service、Production supported by financial support、Sales、Trade integrated business model。2022,The company's original coal production is 40.5749 million tons,Business income 46.391 billion yuan,Total profit of 6.981 billion yuan,It has maintained a good development trend。

The main products of the company's coal production business are raw coal and washing coal。13 production ore,Located in Datong、Xinzhou、Linfen、Changzhi、Jincheng and other main coal production areas,Resource reserves 2.158 billion tons。Coal species are mostly poverty -stricken coal,Have low sulfur、Low ash、High incidence heat and other characteristics,It is a high -quality focus coal and power coal,It is mainly sold to large steelmaking companies and large power plants。

Products of the company's coal trade business include the northern Shanxi Power Coal、Coking coal Recommended 2024 European Cup Betting Sitesin Central and South China、Smoke -free coal and smoke -free in the middle of the central part、Semi -smoke -free coal。The company has been engaged in coal trade business for more than 30 years,In Shanxi、Shaanxi、Inner Mongolia and other national coal production areas have established channels for supply organizations,Established a port company,Nian Port's transfer ability is about 50 million tons,Relying on its own fleet with tens of millions of tons of transportation capacity,formed a main producing area of ​​coal、Allocated through important transportation lines、Independent and perfect coal that occupies the main estuary、Foreign Trade Transportation System。

The company is based on its own coal mines,Source organization、Transportation and storage services is guaranteed,Stable sales for production、To promote trade,Combination of trade Recommended European Cup match betting sitesuniforms,Actively build the cooperative development of production, transportation and trade and trade、The business mode of linkage forces。Adhere to customer -centric,Provide customized production and "menu" services,Create value for customers for a long time,and China Yangtze River Three Gorges Group、Datang Group、Huadian Group、Xuyang Group、Conch cement、Anyang Steel and other well -known enterprise terminal customers have established long -term stable cooperative relationships。

Future for the future,Shanmei International will be guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Comprehensively implement the 20th spirit of the party,The strategic goal of anchoring Shanxi Coking Coal "Accelerating the Construction of World -Class Coking Coke Enterprises",Two -old coking coal of Shanxi "three years and do two years,Development Safe and reliable European Cup betting websiterequirements for 7 years of target 7 years ",Practice "Based on the Struggle,Long -term hard struggle "core values,Promote "Unity、Dedication、Realty、Forging "corporate spirit,Strengthen the party building leader,Promote the Lord Qiang Fu You,Pay attention to lean management,Accelerate the transformation of countless wisdom,Deepen reform and change,Promote industrial upgrading,Strong base fixing,Increased efficiency,Creating first -class,Create benchmark,Strive to create a new situation of high -quality development。

Focus on coal production, transportation, sales, trade
Four main business

and China Yangtze River Three Gorges Group、Datang Group、Huadian Group、Xuyang Group、Conch cement、Anyang Steel and other well -known enterprise terminal customers have established long -term stable cooperative relationships。